The Cast of Characters

12 09 2013


  • 81mg Baby Aspirin, 1x/day, until ovulation is complete
  • 7.5mg Femara, 1x/day, CDs 5-9
  • 1mg Estradiol, changed every 4th morning, until ovulation is complete
  • 200mg Progesterone, 2x/day after ovulation until “george” or BFP

Since my last update, the infamous “george” has come and gone. My cycle was only 19 days long.

And yet…

For some reason, the “george” that followed was by far the worst one I’ve had since becoming a mother. Not exaggerating.

I was nauseated, cramping to the point of no control, nauseated some more, hot, then cold, then hot again, sad, breaking out, need I go on? It was horrible. I am also not sure why it was so heavy… considering I literally had two weeks to build a lining before it shed again.

Really? Not cool, uterus. Not. Cool.

So we started the new plan on CD 4. I started my 1mg Estradiol patch plus 1 baby aspirin. On CD 5, I added 7.5mg of Femara to the mix. I took the Femara through yesterday, so now I am down to just the Estradiol and baby aspirin. Overall, I haven’t felt very well on this regimen.  I have been nauseated (still) and have had headaches every day. I switch my patch out every 4th day right now and the day of the switch is the WORST with the nausea. That means tomorrow is my next sick day. Shoot me.

I guess this is good first trimester practice, except I fail the test. I haven’t been eating or drinking much because of this feeling of, “I am going to hurl if someone looks at me.” I hope this gets better.

I just keep telling myself over and over again that this is worth it.

My kids can never, ever say they weren’t wanted.



2 responses

12 09 2013
Another Dreamer

Ick, sorry to hear about the nausea. Must be estrogen, hormones are raging all over aren’t they? Hopefully it’ll be pay off though, and this cycle will be all you need! Good luck! I’m rooting for you 🙂

16 09 2013
Fail. | Life Abundant

[…] is what my cast of characters got me on CD 14. Yes, I crumpled it up as I walked out of the […]

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