So… I had a P4.

25 10 2013

The result?


Those of you who understand P4s… I’m going to let you simmer on that one for a moment. I have no words.

For those of you who don’t know, IT’S GOOD.


This is what I like to call: “Our chance for twins just got real, yo.”



5 responses

25 10 2013
Another Dreamer

Crazy high progesterone! WOWZA! I’d say more than one ovulated, LOL

25 10 2013

I know, I really didn’t think it’d be THAT high… that is crazy. I figured maybe like, 25… since I’m taking prometrium… no way the supplements caused it to get THAT high. Woohoo!

26 10 2013

That is awesome! 🙂

27 10 2013


22 11 2013
November’s P4 Results | Life Abundant

[…] round and perfectly sized. I had one on each ovary so I was balanced out. Last cycle, when my P4 was a 66.99, I felt horrible. That much progesterone pumping through your veins is pretty […]

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