Finding My Place… [LWM]

13 11 2013

Hello, friends. I have another guest post up on that I wanted to share with you all. In fact, something else is going to stem from this and I will share more details later once I know more. ;o) Don’t you just love my cryptic hints?

As always, thanks for reading. I truly love blogging because I feel like I can pour my heart out through my finger tips and someone out there understands.

Truly, thank you.

Check out my post here: Questioning My Place As A Mother

Feel free to leave comments – I would love to engage in dialogue with you over there!



5 responses

13 11 2013
Rebecca Baldwin (@BaldwinAdvnture)

I just hopped over to read your post, and can I just say, “GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!” You have inspired me to finally write a post about almost this very exact same thing, and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone, you are loved, and you are supported! If we lived closer, I would totally send my kids to your preschool, by the way.

13 11 2013

Thanks so much, RB! HAHA!! I am glad I am not alone. 😉

13 11 2013

I’m always happy when one of your posts shows up in my email 🙂 Glad your writing is being noticed!

13 11 2013

Aww, thank you, Katie!!

22 11 2013
November’s P4 Results | Life Abundant

[…] admit. I’m just in autopilot right now, rolling with the punches, waiting for our miracle, trying to figure out the next chapter in my life. However, I do have some exciting news that I will share soon that is going to open some […]

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