Hope Again.

13 11 2013

Okay, so, today went well. As you all know, I have been trying reeeeally hard to thicken my uterine lining by drinking pomegranate juice, taking vitamin E and drinking red raspberry leaf tea. Well, then I had the stomach flu so I missed about 5 days of all of those items. However, my lining was still 2mm thicker than it has been pretty much this whole journey… it was 7mm! Not quite an 8 like they prefer but hey, I’ll take it. I credit all of the above! I really think they all helped me get to a 7 and I think if I was able to continue, I would have been at an 8 or 9 in thickness. For now, I feel okay with a 7. 🙂

I had two good follies (thank goodness), one on each ovary. Righty had a 24 (show off) and Lefty had an 18. Both were perfectly round, healthy, looking great! Of course, the tech had to comment that my ovaries also looked very busy… they were pretty overrun with tiny follicles all over the place and the scan took a lot longer today than usual, but she was being pretty thorough in her measuring and re-measuring. I like this tech a lot. 🙂 I had her last time and she was great!

I think I have a significantly lower risk of OHSS this time (woohoo!) and ovulating should be a lot less painful. We triggered with an Ovidrel injection, so here we go!

I am picking up a pineapple tonight so I can do that whole “eat the core for a sticky uterus” thing. 😉 We’ll see how that goes. I should ovulate tonight or tomorrow so I will start the regimen whenever I feel certain I am 1 DPO. Then progesterone somewhere between 3-5 DPO.

Wish me luck!



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13 11 2013
Another Dreamer

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! That’s fantastic! Good luck!

13 11 2013


22 11 2013
November’s P4 Results | Life Abundant

[…] I have been very pleased with how this cycle has gone. I am thankful that I had two great looking follicles, in lieu of the FOUR I had last cycle. I have felt a lot better (minus the stomach flu that seams […]

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