How to Naturally Thicken Your Uterine Lining – It Really Works!

17 12 2013

Drive-by update on how my follicle ultrasound went yesterday: I have one good follicle measuring at 20mm on my left ovary. My uterine lining was… wait for it… 9mm!!

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that it has been sooo hard for me to thicken my lining. We have tried heavy estrogen patches and baby aspirin, both of which failed to bring my lining above a 5 or 6 and instead made me miserable. Last month, I started doing major research on how to thicken my lining using more natural methods. I shared them in this post, before I really had personal experience. It was as new of a journey for me as it was for some of you reading it.

Last cycle, I had a stomach flu off and on for weeks at a time that messed up my rhythm. My lining was able to make it to 7mm thick and I was really hoping it was due to my half-way doing my new regimen. I missed a lot of days that month and knew that trying this another month would be the only way to know for sure.

Well, today I am happy to report that my lining was 9mm thick and I definitely give credit to my regimen! Below is exactly what I did. I will admit though, there were 3 days where I missed my tea and a day or so of pom juice (never both at the same time), but I never missed my vitamins.


Cycle Days 1-13:

  • 6oz pomegranate juice mixed with 4oz sparkling water: 1x/day, usually with dinner
  • 6oz red raspberry leaf tea: 2x/day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon (this keeps me from grabbing a coffee during these times of day. It’s just a warm, cozy, herbal tea. I sweeten with local honey or agave nectar)
  • 400iu Vitamin E: 1x/day, mid-morning
  • Vitamin B Complex: 1x/day, mid-morning

That is it, friends! I have stopped the pom juice and RRLT for the rest of the cycle, but I will continue to take vitamin E and B complex. In addition to these, I do take a prenatal vitamin every evening with 800mcg of folic acid (the B complex adds an extra 400mcg). Side note: if you’re taking all these vitamins, space them out for better absorption. This is why I do the big dog (prenatal) at night before going to bed and take the E + B vitamins in the morning. Plus, the B gives me extra energy!

As for my one lonely follicle, I’m okay with it (especially being the size that it is) and am actually a bit thankful because it means a less painful ovulation. By the way, that sucker was hard to find. At first we thought I didn’t have any good follies, but after much pushing on my abdomen (ouch) we found it hiding on my left ovary!

Going from having a response of 4 follies in October, to 2 in November, to just 1 for December (all on the same dose of Clomid), we’re going to jump from 100mg to 150mg of Clomid next cycle if we’re not successful. My body seems to be getting used to the Clomid and may stop responding if it keeps up this pattern (UGH). My right ovary is a major mess. The PCOS seems to just be worse, but all the pain is worth it if we get a miracle at the end.

I’m sure some of you are wondering if I will do pineapple core from 1-5dpo again. The answer is NO. I like pineapple, but the core is horrendous and I found myself gagging. I’ll just stick to keeping my uterus extra warm.

We triggered with Ovidrel so we’re officially in the 2ww! We’re skipping a P4 this round to cut costs because I obviously do fine on the progesterone supplements (200mg @ 2x/day, starting at 3-5 dpo). She was actually the one who suggested it. We’re also not doing an hcg beta unless I get a positive pee test at home (yet, another thing I am so grateful for). We’re just going to wait and see what happens. If I get a + HPT at home, we will include a P4 with the hcg beta to check status at that time.

Until next time…

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6 responses

17 12 2013
Another Dreamer

Fantastic news! I’m so glad it all helped with the lining and you have one great follicle! Hoping this is it 🙂

17 12 2013

Holy cow!!! 9mm… That is an incredible difference! And your one follicle is HUGE! I am so excited and happy for you. So glad your regimen did what you hoped it would… This post is going to be so helpful for so many others. Praying hard that this is your time!

18 12 2013
Jessi Wallace

Thank you so much!! I was ecstatic and got teary eyed when the tech said, “Your uterine lining looks awesome! It’s 9 mm and trilaminar. It looks perfect.” I was like, REALLY!?!?!?! Ah!!

30 12 2013
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