What My First Cycle of 2014 Looks Like

3 01 2014

January 2014

  • Vitamin B Complex, daily
  • Prenatal Vitamins, daily
  • Vitamin E, daily
  • 500mg Metformin ER, daily
  • 150mg Clomid, days 3-7
  • 6-8oz Pomegranate Juice, days 1-13
  • 16oz Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, days 1-13
  • Follicle ultrasound + Ovidrel trigger shot, day 14 (not pictured)
  • IUI, day 15 (obviously, not pictured)
  • 400mg Progesterone, days 5 dpo until start of new cycle (or 13 weeks pregnant)

I’m going to pretend like this cycle can’t fail. It won’t fail. I’m so scared, I won’t deny that. I am putting a lot of hope and faith in this cycle, but only because we’re adding an IUI to the mix. I know an IUI isn’t fool proof. Most people I know have had multiple attempts before success or no success at all for one reason or another. However, if all the conditions are perfect (thick uterine lining, two+ good follies), then I feel like this has to work!!

One of my best friends recently told me that she hopes I’m throwing up on Valentines Day. It made me laugh. Hard.

I hope she’s right.



8 responses

3 01 2014

I am so excited for you, and praying that this is it! Thanks for all your thorough updates. When is Day 1 of your cycle?

3 01 2014
Jessi Wallace

Today is day 4. 🙂 unfortunately it hit NYE. I am on day 2 of Clomid and day 3 of Metformin… Stomach already got upset once but she has me on less this time than I was on 5 years ago so maybe this will be better!

3 01 2014
Another Dreamer

So hoping that this is it. You have a good plan, so hopefully everything will fall together wonderfully 🙂

Will they add estrogen too for lining? Wouldn’t hurt to have some added umph with the other supplements.

3 01 2014
Jessi Wallace

Nah, no estrogen. I was non-responsive to the patches other than horrible side effects so I want to bypass that and just pray all my supplements come through for me again!!

3 01 2014

I could probably google to find the answer but what are you taking the vitamen E for? I just added a B complex to my vitamin mix and am looking for anything else that can help! Praying January is your month!!!

3 01 2014
Jessi Wallace

There have been studies done proving that consistently taking vitamin E increases your uterine lining because it encourages cell regeneration! Think about what vitamin E does for hair, skin and nails… it totally makes sense! A test group of women took it and out of about 25, I think 17 or 18 of them had significantly thicker lining at the end of the study. The combo of vitamin E, RRLT and the pom juice is what I give credit for getting my lining to 9mm last cycle 🙂 hoping for similar results this time. Just need it to be 8!

6 01 2014
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14 01 2014
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