How I am Preparing for the IUI

6 01 2014

jessi in green scarfMy IUI is on January 14, 2014 (24 hours after triggering) and I am feeling a lot better about it now that I have had a very thorough conversation with my OB about the process, successes, etc. She feels pretty confident that this could be the boost we need.

Physically: I’m back to eating specifically for PCOS and monitoring the glycemic index. I have to admit, this Metformin has really taken away my appetite. I don’t want to eat at all. Ever. I have to force myself and even then, nothing but protein and veggies sound good. The mere thought of spaghetti makes me want to throw up and usually I am ready to tear it up. I definitely just want salmon and chicken, asparagus and broccoli. I’m taking all my vitamins+meds and drinking my red raspberry leaf tea and pom juice as well. I think overall, starting back on the Metformin was the best idea for me.

Spiritually: I pray a lot. A lot. Mostly just asking the Lord to guard my heart if this isn’t His will this cycle. Obviously, I’ve been asking, er, begging Him to bless us with another miracle, but I’ve been focusing more on just asking for peace and comfort in whatever happens, and that I can be used as a testimony and help for others who are dealing with infertility. Also, if this doesn’t pan out, I have been praying for something else to be revealed in my life.

Mentally: I find solace in talking with other people who have had IUIs done. I’ve started frequenting my old stomping ground on Soul Cysters but I read more than post anymore. Some of you readers have been a HUGE encouragement and help, so thank you for that. It helps my mind.

Emotionally: I think I’m done crying for a month. Pretty sure I got it all out. So with that said, emotionally, I am doing fine right now. With the IUI being a week away and some other stuff happening in my home and church life, I feel like I have enough going on to keep my brain busy, both mentally and emotionally. It’s a good thing. I need to ignore the fact that this IUI is approaching and just live my life right now. I have too many things going on that I need to work out.

Any other suggestions on how I can prepare myself will be greatly appreciated!

Eight days to go…



6 responses

6 01 2014

Praying for you to have peace and comfort 🙂 Very exciting!!!

6 01 2014
Jessi Wallace

Thank you! That means a lot. 🙂

6 01 2014

Praying for you extra during this time! I am excited and nervous for you!

6 01 2014
Another Dreamer

Hoping that this does the trick.

Just another IUI advice tidbit I thought of… if you have to drive a bit with the sample, you’ll want to keep it warm on the way to the clinic. We always had an hour drive, so I kept the sample warm in my bra for the ride up. Seems silly, but helped keep the swimmer alive/well for optimal wash results. If you’re providing the sample at the clinic that’s not as huge a deal though, obviously.

6 01 2014
Jessi Wallace

Haha yeah we live an hour away, too and um, well, we had the talk about that, lol. My OB prefers to get the sample within 30 minutes so he’ll have to deposit at the clinic. :oX He seems totally fine with it though, I was the one worried about him!

14 01 2014
Failure. | Life Abundant

[…] canceled the IUI that was scheduled for […]

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